Comparing Soprano Laser Devices

Comparing Soprano Laser Devices

Different routes to the same end result — virtually painless laser hair removal

The above is one of the most frequent questions we get on our social media pages and website contact boxes. This article will answer this thoroughly so if you are a hair removal patient seeking the best treatment or perhaps an aesthetic practitioner or clinic owner seeking the best laser device you should definitely continue reading. Soprano™ laser hair removal devices have been around for over a decade now. These popular and reliable laser hair removal devices all share one thing in common — They are all powered by Alma lasers’ SHR™ trademark technology. We at Alma have developed this technology already back in 2006.

SHR™ has been such a successful advancement in the aesthetic laser treatment market, that most of this industry has adopted it’s principles. Among these principles is using a diode laser with a high repetition rate in-motion with relatively low-fluence. This technique promotes safer, virtually painless hair removal treatments. But not only. Most importantly it generates a higher accumulative energy rate into the treated area compared to standard stationary techniques. This results in improved and more uniform overall hair reduction for you, the patient.

When it comes to laser hair removal – quality matters

Even though there are many devices available in the market labeled as SHR™, it takes more than just adopting the technique in order to guarantee a safe and effective laser device. Energy-based devices that use light and optic components are highly sensitive and require the highest engineering and manufacturing standards to maintain a steady output and minimize burn risks for patients. Even the slightest design error can result in a device which is not effective, or even worse, hazardous.