The problem of dry skin affects a growing group of people. Air pollution, poor diet, frequent use of detergents, allergies, and many other factors undoubtedly contribute to drying of the skin. The characteristic symptoms of dry skin include: exfoliation of the epidermis, erythema, cracks, a sense of roughness of the skin to the touch, troublesome itching, tension, burning and soreness of the skin.

Caring for people struggling with the problem of dry, very dry and sensitive skin, together with dermatologists, we have developed hypoallergenic emollient preparations for the Emobase™ series.

These products provide adequate oiling and hydration of the skin preventing water loss from the epidermis, soften the skin and improve its elasticity. They reinforce the protective barrier of the skin and support the regeneration processes of the epidermis.

Preparations from the Emobase™ series are also recommended for prophylactic and supporting application during the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD).

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a recurring, noncommunicable inflammation of the skin. The skin of a patient with AD reacts incorrectly and easily becomes red, scaly, itchy, and prone to infections caused by bacteria. The area most commonly affected by atopic dermatitis is the skin on folded surfaces of joints (for example the inner parts of elbows and knees).